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7 Aug , 2014  

You may have learned the important factors and guidelines in creating a kick-ass presentation for your work, next thing to know is – what is the presentation equipment you’d need? Prefer this as your checklist.

PROJECTOR: This is way too obvious actually, as it is your main equipment along with your laptop. A projector can be a digital, overhead, or slide projector depending on your possible resources.

POINTERS: A laser or a stick would work (But a laser is more professional). Use this as a pointer to the board in order to emphasize to your audiences what you are talking about.

WIRELESS LAPEL: This is a very important tool when you are dealing with a massive audience and a large room that isn’t sound proof at all. The lapel will serve as your tiny microphone in helping your voice to be heard all over the room.

REFRESHMENTS: One of the ways in dealing with nervousness during a presentation is hydration. It can help you be a bit calmer or when your mouth goes dry and you have been talking for some time. A bottle of water beside your table during a presentation would work, drink during breaks if necessary.

EASELS: Be proud to hold up that stunning frame that shows your latest update of your growing sales. Choose something that’s foldable that can be placed in your briefcase to make it easy to bring it to work.

YOURSELF: Your presentation won’t work out if your mind isn’t set for it. Make sure you have prepared everything before the big day, practice makes perfect after all.

YOUR AUDIENCE: Giving them the message of the presentation is the main goal. Make sure that the message is properly sent. Interact with your audience and listen to what they have to say.



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