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Pointers in Delivering a Dynamic Presentation

25 Jun , 2014  

How do you manage to give a vibrant presentation? You need to be heard. In other words, your voice should be clear and well modulated.


The initial goal is to be heard by everybody in the audience unmistakably. This is the only way for you to convey the message.


It is important to reduce noise interruptions. Even the soft sounds can distract people who are trying to listen to your speech. Close doors and windows so external blares will not be heard. Avoid talking while the audience is still clapping, laughing or reacting to what you have just said.


Lessen the distance to people in the hall. This is simple physics. If you cut the distance between you and the audience, you will sound louder to them. Move the crowd closer to where you stand. This will surely make a difference. Besides, you do not even have to shout or strain your tone. Instruct your audience to occupy all the seats in front. Transfer to a smaller area if there are only less than 100 people.


Enhance your vocal quality. If you can afford to pay one, hire a voice coach who can train you in voice strength training, breathing, and voice projection. Practice talking with more reverberation. Use a microphone that functions well. Pronounce your words clearly. This will increase the volume of your intonation significantly. Adopt the proper posture. Stand erect and lean a little bit forward. Do not hesitate to ask the audience if they can hear you or not. Find out if the people find it hard to hear you. This will show in their faces and mannerisms. Vary your pitch from time to time. This will ensure that you do not become boring.




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