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Overcoming the Jitters: Tips for a Public Speaker

9 Jun , 2014  


It is normal to be tense before speaking in front of a big group of people. Even experienced speakers get this feeling. However, there is a solution for this. You can get rid of the anxiety and deliver your piece with positive impact. Prepare well and think optimistically about your speech or presentation. Instead of becoming uncomfortable, start gathering facts and figures about your topic.


Choose a subject matter that you are familiar with. In case you are given a theme, start researching right away. Incorporate the angle of human interest and put in a humorous anecdote or two. The audience will listen attentively if your talk is worthy of note. You can expect the listeners to become infected with your passion. Sort out your information and verify facts. Limit your introduction since this will just turn off your audience. Go to the main point of the speech immediately.


Avoid reading your speech. This is a big NO in public speaking. Jot down essential points so you can look at these once in a while but deliver your lecture instinctively. Initiate eye contact so you keep everyone engaged until the end of your speech. Practice several times before the actual date. Before delivering your talk, stand before the mirror and look at yourself carefully. Wear professional attire and fix your hair. It is important to look good and exude an air of confidence. Smile to establish rapport with your spectators. This will definitely give you more self-assurance.





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