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21 Aug , 2014  

Online writing has become one of the trends these days because it’s easy and convenient. But then, not everyone can be qualified for this job because it may seem easy, but it must not be taken lightly. There are different types of online writers; there are those freelancers and those who are professionally writing with passion. Whichever category you may fall into, there are these online writing tools to help improve your work.

SynchroEdit: This collaborative writing software can be of use when you are not alone in doing the writing job. Suppose there are those colleagues who have to work on the same document, you can use SynchroEdit to work together in different locations without unintentionally overwriting each other’s work.

WordCounter: Let’s admit it, one common mistake every writer commits out there is when they use the same word on their work more than enough. So, WordCounter here can help you spot those overly used words.

Cliché finder: This is self explanatory. Not everybody enjoys and requires reading clichés over and over again, Cliché finder can help you uncover, change or get rid of them all together.

Unstuck app: This can help you clarify things. It can be for multiple uses though, and in writing, it can help you clear out your article goal in times when your brain is way too tired clarify on its own. You’re not always in the mood of writing, so maybe this app can help.

Zen writer: This is designed to focus on writing. It simplifies your work dragging you out from certain distractions. Your screen will be fully focused on your work. This software though, comes with a price of nearly $10 but it can be well worth the price.

Readability: This here concentrates on reading either the work of others or your previous works, simplifying web pages to give you an easy-to-read document.


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