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Objectives in Writing Good Speeches

22 Oct , 2014  

Speech writers look at these important goals: you need to impress the public and leave a number of positive outcomes. How do writers achieve the said objectives?


The speech should follow a definite composition. Otherwise, there is a tendency to turn away from a coherent direction. Remember that an audience will always have high expectations. Set this anticipation in the introduction. Make things simpler as you go about writing and correcting. This will help avoid confusion and get the message across to listeners easily.


Introductions should be very interesting since this will stimulate the receptiveness of the public. The introduction is not meant for thanking too many people. It can only disappoint your spectators. Instead, try to start with a witty tale or appealing figures or facts. The audience should be engaged early on. Take advantage of this momentum. You have to hit the correct note. Find out what type of audience you are talking to and things that they look forward to after listening to the oration. Speech writing entails meeting the expectations of other people. It should be informative. The speech should inspire, challenge or amuse listeners. Analyze your message closely. It should match the general feeling of the occasion. Listeners may forget the content. However, it is still a success if these individuals look gratified.


The speech must sound unforgettable, but it is easier said than done. Use the appropriate figures of speech that can highlight your discourse. In writing speeches, it is important to make repetitions. This is one of the keys in making a distinct impression. Look for and use the right keywords and key phrases as well as arguments. Reiterate salient points to reinforce the line of reasoning. Transitions indicate intent. Thus, make sure that your move from one paragraph to the next is written well. The bottom line is capturing the attention of listeners.


You can always include some dramatics to make the speech livelier. Yet, always keep balance since this is needed in maintaining the flow. Keep the write-up brief. Writing a long speech is a big lapse. The concentration of the audience will diminish after several minutes. End strongly. Include a clear-cut call to action to keep the people listening and conclude with a short story that will captivate the spectators.




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