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New Social Media Trends to Storm the Market

11 Jul , 2014  

In the ever-changing technological world, nothing lasts just the way it is. And the same goes with the different marketing strategies employed in the online world. Though it may not be something new in the industry, social media seems to be the key for a business to be known and recognized. And the best thing about this is that being recognized in social media would most of the time result in the success of being well known in the real world.

Visual Content

The use of visual content in the online world has increased. A total of 70% increase in all images on the web has been evident. Most of these images are composed of infographics and memes. Nowadays, netizens are more inclined to pause and check out a post if it has images spread throughout the content. This has become a new trend in social media today and an effective way to get your content noticed.


More people are into blogging right now. One reason is that bloggers finally found out how to make their posts more interesting. Besides inputting images in their content, they are also able to understand their audiences more and find out what can catch their attention and what they could do to keep their audiences reading. Because of this, a lot of people are now appreciating blogs more. In addition to that, a lot of marketers now plan to increase their venture in blogging to increase their business’ chances of more exposure.


It cannot be denied that Google has increased its popularity more today. But it is also evident that Google+ is not as popular as other social media platforms. Despite this, most marketers are said to have more users who are active on this platform. And the future is expected to have more exposure and social connection on Google+ than in other sites.

Social media generates more exposure for marketers’ businesses. And the future of online marketing will be found more on social media in the future.



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