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Network Marketing: The Perfect Business of the 21st Century

25 Sep , 2014  

Many people have been dreaming to just quit their low-paying job and start their own business, with the hopes of gaining a fortune. This is quite a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Let us look at what Robert Kiyosaki calls, “The perfect business.”


What is a Network Marketing Company?


A network marketing company allows you to build your own business by creating a group of distributors and customers that consume a product sold by the company. Does that sound like a pyramid scam where the only people that make a lot of money are those above you? Well no. Actually, in a reputable network marketing company, you can earn as much as those before you. Donald Trump and Warren Buffet are a few successful businessmen who are big supporters of network marketing.


Direct Selling


The typical direct selling companies provide you with all the tools, concepts and training for you to thrive in the direct selling business. The great thing about direct selling is its low profit cost. Say for example you offer different services for transactions such as booking an airline ticket or paying taxes. Aside from getting a franchise from these individual services which will cost you thousands of dollars, you resort to a low cost self-owned networking and retailing business centered in networking that allows you to offer services, take people to offer services for you and gain a considerable amount of profit, all for only a small cost.


Network Marketing and the People


Are you eager to start your own network marketing business? You actually have the basic tools right in front of you: your social media networks. All of us have a considerable number of Facebook or Twitter friends. The fundamental element in network marketing is always the people. You can use social media to gain traffic and make sure that you include links and subscription forms. Talk with these people, follow-up with e-mail updates, and build a healthy relationship with them. Eventually you will gain their trust.


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