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Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

17 Jul , 2014  

Social media marketing has become one of the most used tactics for businesses to expand and search for more audiences. But as the numbers of these businesses are growing, a lot of mistakes come along with it, which is the reason why social media marketing is not successful for everyone. Still, these can be avoided as long as these mistakes are being acknowledged.

NO STRATEGY. When you do not have the right strategy or you don’t have any at all – and you enter the world of social media marketing with nothing at all, there’s this chance of failing. Creating a strategy is important; it will allow you to think through the possibilities before you even encounter them.

NO IMAGES. When people see that it’s all words out there, they may not enjoy it or rather they won’t even read it. Use pictures that can help you commercialize and that are credited to you as well. This can help you engage more audiences and can add the chance of commercial success.

NO INTERACTION. When you leave your audience without an answer, they become uninterested and may not go back. There are certain questions from the audience that cannot be simply answered by the FAQ’s written, so when one asks (A question that makes sense, of course), try to interact and answer their questions.

NO DESCRIPTION. Describe your product in a way that everyone can understand and learn as well. Write the important details that your product has to offer. An example would be you’re selling a scar-healing product—is it safe? What are its ingredients? What makes your product more effective than the others? Can everyone use it? Testimonials from past consumers can also help as long as they are legitimate and not compensated.

When you know you’re ready, you will be able to create your own social media voice.




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