Marketing tips to engage your Customers

4 Jun , 2014  

Being a small business owner is a lot like learning the act of balancing multiple hats at once. It can become very difficult at times. Being a small business owner leaves little time for anything else. It is no wonder that some things slip through the cracks – for example, all those smart witty marketing ideas you had. No reason to fret though, we’ve got you covered. Here are three easy things you can do to help your business boom!

1. Ask your customers for their email addresses.

No one is willing to give their personal information out without a reason so give your customers a good reason to sign up. Offer your customers an exclusive offer, a discount, a gift, etc. for signing up to your newsletter. There are a number of ways you could ask your customers for their email address, for example, at checkout you can offer the customer and additional discount or promotional gift for providing their email address. Using this method alone will not guarantee wide success, but applying this method immediately could prove beneficial. Before long, you should have a good amount of emails, but once you have enough to maximize the potential of an email-marketing platform, sign-up for one. There are variety to choose from, constant contact being a popular choice, and all are relatively easy to use with an interface similar to that of a word processor.

2. Ask your customers for reviews.

Though it may seem somewhat trivial to ask customers to review your business, this tip comes with a double benefit. When customers post positive reviews on sites such as yelp.com, it promotes a positive presence online which reflects well on the business’ overall reputation. However, when a customer posts a negative review it tarnishes the reputation that you try so hard to uphold and protect. By asking your customers if they would review your business, you can gain insight into ways that you can improve and achieve overall customer satisfaction. Again, a great time to ask your customers for a review is at the register. Small businesses can use this opportunity to use social media to promote their brand further. For example, you can take a picture of the customer with the new item or have a tweet of their review right on the spot. You can take this a step further by combining numbers one and two, and asking your customers to review you on social media, or like your page for example. You can also email customers questionnaires with feedback that they can provide they can help you improve your business and cater better to your clientele. These two steps alone can really generate a lot of buzz for your business.

3. Ask your customers “paper or canvas?”

With plastic bags no longer being the norm when checking out in certain cities and states, reusable canvas bags are making an appearance. Investing in reusable canvas bags that your customers can purchase from you can help you gain more exposure. Target stores began selling canvas bags and other reusable bags, including recycled paper to customers. The customers in turn get a reusable bag they can keep or dispose of and the business gets some exposure. If your business doesn’t have a need for bags, there are still ways that you can market to your customers. Business cards were a great way for businesses to market themselves, but in the age of handheld technology, they no longer work the same way. It doesn’t mean that they are obsolete, they can be used for punch-tab cards or a promotional AR cards as NASA had made. Who knows, soon your name or your brand image will become as engraved in our everyday lives as any big business you can think of today.



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