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Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

16 Jun , 2014  


The marketing environment changes fast. It is important to figure out four basic things. You must know what works and where to focus your marketing ingenuity. The key is to be updated about modern marketing trends and techniques. Small entrepreneurs cannot operate like a big company.


Large enterprises advertise to produce brand recognition and future revenues. You cannot operate this way. Your marketing and promotions are meant to generate immediate sales. That is why you need to offer while advertising so potential customers can respond right away. You can opt to design joint promotional activities with other small-scale entrepreneurs provided these are not your competitors. This strategy is described as cross promotion and generally produces more sales opportunities for an extremely low cost. Think of ways for prospective patrons to get acquainted with and have faith in you.


It turns out to be easier to obtain more business from these people than to derive business from someone who has never made a purchase from you. Conceive special deals for present customers and present new commodities and services to them before bringing these to the broad market. Convert your clients into publicity agents for your trade. Provide perks for endorsing your commodities. Word of mouth publicity is more effective and affordable than any form of advertising.


Ask for customer referrals. Recommendations make it easy to gain access to new customers. You pass up on opportunities by failing to get referrals. Fortify your relationships. It is definitely cheaper to keep customers instead of building new ones. There are processes in doing this such as utilizing social media promotions and Internet marketing.




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