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Marketing: Avoid Lawsuits

3 Sep , 2014  

The wide world of social media can give you numerous advantages for business marketing, along with these advantages are the disadvantages and one of them could be a social media lawsuit. You wouldn’t want that. It may seem obvious that while the Internet rapidly grows, the law is somewhere behind unable to keep up with the fast change. But still, the law can be harmful especially when it’s being violated. Even with the little chance given, watching out for possible lawsuits is a good start.

Pay attention to your employees. Considering you are the boss, your employees in the social media marketing department have made a mistake and said something unacceptable on Facebook or any social media site; your company’s name is at stake. In hiring your employees, establish strict policies that include the proper usage of the social media for them to comply with.

Below are two of the frequently violated rights through the internet.

Copyrights: Copyright infringements are simply violated the moment a person uses something that isn’t theirs and the owner did not give any permission for them to do so. That simple act of posting, copying or printing copyrighted materials, there’s a possible lawsuit waiting for them.

Privacy: Privacy violations are common like those videos of artists being posted online for entertainment purposes; those are why lawsuits follow every time it happens and you know why. Privacy violations come in many different forms.

Besides the two examples above, things like illegal development and FTC advertising matters too. The point is to be reminded that these must not be violated or taken lightly. Dig deeper and pay more attention on these things when you are planning to improve your business into a larger corporation. Outline social media policies to your employees clearly and always be eager to learn more. Good luck!



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