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Looking at Your Meta Description at a Whole New Level: How to Tips

17 Oct , 2014  

There is one thing as important as your keywords for SEO. This is one of the fundamental tools that can bring viewers to your website. But most Web content lacks this simple but essential part; Meta description. Find out how important this is and how you can write a killer Meta description to boost your web SEO.


Why Meta Description?


Meta Description is your last chance of getting viewers into your Web content but many writers and Web owners overlook the potential of Meta Description in their web market. Many think that the 150 character Meta description doesn’t do wonders but actually it does! A good and relevant Meta Description brings viewer to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Eye Catching Meta Description


As you enter a keyword in Google, websites began popping in the SERP and the moment you find out that your website is not on the first page, this means you need to do some Meta Description work brother! Your Meta Description should be catchy and solve direct problems. It should answer the question, “What am I suppose to learn after reading your content?” A catchy Meta may sound like this, “Thinking of starting a new business? Here are tips in…” You can start using words like “discover,” “learn” and so forth.


Short and Concise


Your Meta description should only be 130 to 150 characters. Meta should be short and fit nicely to the SERP. Take note of the word “character” not words or letters. Character includes spaces and punctuations. You can use a character counter for checking the number of characters in your description.


Tell the Truth


Some descriptions deceive readers by putting irrelevant keywords for SEO purpose. Don’t do this. This will surely hurt the level of trust search engines give to your page. Use your keyword only once in your Meta.


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