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Learn from the “Rock Star of the Literary World”

9 Jul , 2014  

Are you considering article writing (whether as a hobby or a profession)? You may want to consider what Neil Gaiman has to say about his practices about good article writing. Who is Neil Gaiman? He is considered as the “rock star of the literary world”. His works are mostly fantasy and science fiction. He creates novels, graphic novels, children’s books, comic books and even film. Examples of his works include “The Graveyard Book”, “The Sandman” series and “Coraline”.

Here are his eight good article writing practices


  • First and foremost, write.
  • In writing, you have to place one word after another. You have to locate the right word and then put it down.
  • As you write them down, finish them. In order to finish your writing, do whatever you have to do.
  • After that, you set them aside. Read your work pretending you have never read your work before. You can show it to some of your close and trusted friends. Make sure that these are people you respect, and that includes their opinions, and that they like your work.
  • If these people say something is wrong or your story does not work for them, most of the time, they are right. On the other hand, when these people tell you precisely what they think is incorrect and then the way to fix it, most of the time, they are mistaken.
  • If they are right, fix the problem. As what Gaiman said, “Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving.”
  • Do not forget to laugh, especially with your jokes.
  • Write with sufficient confidence and assurance. Remember, you are permitted to do whatsoever you desire in writing. “Write it honestly, and tell it as best you can. I’m not sure that there are any other rules. Not ones that matter,” said Gaiman.


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