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Keywords: Basic SEO Writing Beginners Should Know

11 Jul , 2014  

A website is considered to be triumphant if its presence is widely felt in different search engines in the online world. That presence could only be felt with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it requires more than just writing articles about the website. There are those who are knowledgeable in improving the rank of sites in search engine’s pages but beginners may not know anything about it or how to do SEO. Using keywords is one of the aspects in SEO that they should always remember.

Keywords are Important in SEO

Keywords are what help websites be accessed by crawlers in the different search engines. It could either be composed of a single word or a phrase. Using these keywords, articles are made with these words placed cleverly all over the piece in order for the search engine to easily find the website. With crawlers tracking the different keywords for the searches, the keywords enable easy location of websites and this is why it is important in the optimization of websites.

Keyword Choice

The choice for keywords is also important since you need to choose the right words you think your target audience would type into the search bars. To maximize the chance of being scanned by search engines, it is important to choose specific content keywords related to your website’s topic.

Proper Keywords Placement

One thing you should remember about keywords in SEO is that using the keywords less or more than necessary would never help. It is important to put the keywords in the article in a way that would not sound awkward when these articles are read. The best written articles are the ones that have keywords yet the readers would not seem to realize that they are keywords for internet traffic in the first place. While keyword densities used to be as high as 4%-6%, it is now better to take a more conservative approach of .5%-1.5% keyword density.

Writing SEO articles is about being able to use the right amount of keywords with the right keywords to use. If you are able to do this in the most natural and creative way then you have a good shot at SEO.



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