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Keys to Successful Article Writing

6 Jul , 2014  

Article writing is a wonderful avenue to express various things and can be used as a hobby or a means for profit. However, attaining success in this field is not an overnight process. They may be so-called secrets to success, but these secrets still make use of common key principles to achieve that success. These days, technology allows writers to re-invent themselves. Times are changing and so do writers and their writing skills. These keys listed below can serve as a guide for any writers in coming up with their ‘secret’ to success.


  • Passion/love for writing. It is not enough that you desire to write because you need to; you have to write because you are passionate about it. The love for writing great articles should be the fuel.
  • Resolution. Why do you write? What is your ultimate goal in writing? Your deepest desire about writing is embedded in you. Find it and utilize it.
  • Style. There is a so-called ‘holy trinity’ in writing divided into content and communication. When you write content, focus on reading writing and sharing. When you communicate, the trinity of ‘people, platform and pre-promotion’ is important according to Michael Larsen.
  • Professionalism. Of course, it is important to act and think professionally in this field. You need a positive outlook about writing. It is also important to continually adapt and innovate yourself as a writer. Any writer should think creatively as they are a lifelong student. There is always something new to learn and professional people are always eager to learn new things, apply them to their field and get the best out of them.
  • Finally, perseverance. The world may bring you down as a writer or it may not give you the recognition due to you. Do not despair, but persevere. Keep on producing high quality articles; continue to learn and grow.


These keys provide opportunities for you to create content and to communicate it clearly to your audience. In other words, these are the blueprints to successful article writing.




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