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Keys to Effective Content Marketing

18 Sep , 2014  

We are all familiar with the idea that implementing the keys to effective content marketing can change small and big time businesses to boost their marketing strategies. The majority usually expect magic tricks when we talk about “keys” but these are just basic actions to be instituted that the greater majority neglect to think about.


Pick a Topic Content marketers do either of these two things; write dozens or hundreds of blogs and then find out which of these topics generate some amount of views or choose from the pool of blogs to know which has potential to generate views. You can use Google Keyword Planner to help you decide on which topics to choose. The planner also guides you in what subtopics to include based on the number of searches.


Planning This doesn’t mean you have to spend half your day planning what to write. Planning your content entails scribbling phrases and writing outlines. If you are a complete beginner, you can put down a few words that come into mind (ideas may disappear in a split second) and then fill the spaces in between with words describing each term.


Inclusion of Stories This is a time eater but may actually prove its worth. Inclusion of stories in your content increases the viral factor of your content. The honesty of the stories makes your content believable and credible, but this doesn’t mean you should tell a tall tale to win readers. You can search the web for exciting stories but carefully plan when to do this because this takes time.


Adding Pictures The pictures certainly pull viewers to your Web pages. Photographers have affirmed the significance of pictures in highlighting sections of your content. Search engines prioritize contents with attached pictures in them increasing your rank in searches. Titles with the words ‘photos’ and ‘videos’ are detected by search engines and are then prioritized.


Call Your Friends for Back up Yes, you could use some help from your friends in the social media or your circle at Google. Share your content shamelessly and receive feedback. You can keep tweeting your content to people in different time zones. This way, people won’t get annoyed and you will certainly reach a much larger audience.


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