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3 Aug , 2014  

Creating content for a website has never been easy because, believe it or not, these famous websites have sure felt failure; they just managed to practice improving their web content. A highly readable content is what most audience comes back to, which makes it your number one priority. Web experts created a list of tips for improvising your web usability that can be found below.

  • Your web pages must be easy on the eyes. Choose proper designs and colors for the background and always prefer fonts that are easy to read. For spacing, learn more about your CSS properties that may affect the spacing of your content.
  • Be aware of the writing strategies such as: words must be understood by all kinds of audiences, it must be straight to the point and highlight important words or phrases without unnecessary information.
  • Consider using “Readability Test Tools” that allow you to paste a link from your website that results in scoring over your content.
  • Readers mostly go for content that is divided into bits of information rather than a whole. Recognize the use of charts, columns, visuals and bullets or the patterns that are most likely used (such as the F-pattern).
  • This is basic, but it’s important to organize your thoughts and ideas before writing the contents; this will help in creating readable content. Use the passive voice for effectiveness. Also, Use the inverted pyramid type of writing: From the exact answers, to the supporting details; leaving the least related information for the end.
  • Make good use of hyperlinks. Remember when you click a hyperlink and then when you go back to the article, the color becomes different? It’s a good approach for hyperlinks; you give your readers the idea that the article has already been visited.

Good luck and never forget to be creatively unique.



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