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Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Businesses

22 Jun , 2014  

Social media has literally exploded during the last decade. In fact, most marketing experts suggest social media to be a component of an integrated marketing strategy. Small businesses can benefit from a well-thought out social media marketing strategy.


This approach lowers your total marketing expenditures. Posting FB messages, tweeting on Twitter and creating a YouTube video is cheaper and more effective. Compare these schemes to running a traditional advertising campaign or sending thousands of emails to prospective customers. Social media also influences organic search results.


Using social networking sites allows you to publicize content to readers worldwide. These users can visit your content, subscribe and link to it. Search engines like Google and Bing are also very attentive to social signals. You can provide excellent customer service using social media. Social media can help you deal with queries, concerns and reactions. Conversely, people can also communicate with you through these social sites.


Social media marketing helps you draw up your own online character. It is informal and more likable. The platform makes it stress-free for customers to connect and respond. You can relate to other enterprises through real time conversations globally. This is a strategic way to maintain a consistent relationship with customers and prospects alike. People can check out your enterprise using social media. On the other hand, you can also provide superior customer service at all times.


Social media allows you to provide value and position yourself as a professional service provider in the global marketplace. This translates to adding value that the general public will really be pleased about. Lastly, it gives you the opportunity to be competitive in the industry. You do not only bolster search rankings but build and strengthen relationships for the long term survival of your business.




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