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How to Write Your Newspaper Article

8 Aug , 2014  

Article comes in different forms: Articles online, articles in the magazines and articles in a newspaper (local or school). When you are prompted for a newspaper article for the first time, here are some questions to ask yourself before doing the task.

What am I going to write about?—either your boss tells you to write this-and-that or you have to pick your own topic, you should know every detail of what your topic would be. It can be about sports, politics, entertainment, international or any other type of article news. Look deep into the background and accuracy of every story you write by doing interviews or voluntarily going to a certain place that’s related to it. Avoid pinpointing your own opinions because the task is mainly to spread the news in writing a certain article.

What are the parts of a newspaper article? After collecting enough bits of information for your story, know first what the parts of newspaper article there are.

  • Headline: This serves as your title and it’s required to be catchy and straight to the point. Take note on capitalizing the first letter of the first word and proper nouns. Numbers shouldn’t be spelled out. example: “Captives released after 3 days in Iraq”
  • Byline: You’re the writer, your name belongs here.
  • Lead: This is the first summarized paragraph of the story containing the most important information. It will let the readers decide if they wish to continue reading the entire story or not.
  • Story: Comes after the lead, and this time the whole story is pointed out containing the interviews you’ve done and all the other lead supporting facts. Use active voice. Events must be in chronological order with relevent dates. Don’t forget to write the information that will support your story and again, no unnecessary opinions.

Am I ready to write?—Why not.


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