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How to Write the Perfect Speech

6 Jun , 2014  


How to Write the Perfect Speech


How does speech writing differ from creating marketing content or academic papers? Indeed, there are significant differences. If you want to try your hand at composing speeches, then you have a lot of homework to do. A professional speechwriter explained that impressive speeches are not coherent but emotional. There should be one authoritative voice talking all the way through.


You have to learn the fundamentals before rattling on your desktop. Find out who your audience will be. The substance, style and tone of the talk will depend on your audience. At the same time, consider the venue and time of delivery before preparing your remarks. Some speeches, no matter how brief, create a considerable impact. One good example is the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln which was less than three minutes. On the other hand, there are discourses that are quite lengthy such as talks for business summits.


Develop an outline. This will be the foundation of your remarks. Then, you can begin developing the main body. Refrain from incorporating many ideas in your speech. Most likely, people will recall very little from what you said. It is advisable to convey just one or two concepts that can easily be remembered. Write as if you are conversing with your audience. This is a speech and not a thesis. People will listen. They will not read your paper. Keep in mind the rules of brevity. Sentences should be straight to the point. Opt for two simple statements instead of one complex sentence.


Do not use words that are too complicated. It is not necessary to follow grammar rules strictly. There is no need to worry since the English teacher in grammar school will not run after you. Choose concrete terms and real life examples since this will keep your audience on their toes. Read the speech aloud from time to time while in the process of writing. This will allow you to determine any flaws or inconsistencies right away.


Review the speech after completing the initial draft. The key is to simplify and make it sound more relaxed. Look for unnecessary words that you can remove. It will help make the speech understandable. You may not be a great speechwriter but it is possible to create a truly inspiring message.


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