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How to Write Persuasive Speeches

14 Jun , 2014  


Delivering speeches is not easy. Writing this convincing content is not a breeze as well. You have to learn writing persuasive speeches. Create a solid line of reasoning that will win listeners to acknowledge your viewpoint. Only a sound argument backed up by trustworthy sources can be the answer to this.


How do you produce speeches that can influence people? This type of speech follows the usual outline. You start with an introduction to captivate the audience and engage them in the argument. State the intent of your speech with a succinct hypothesis. The body of the speech is where you present all information supported by data. Summarize everything through the conclusion, provide the call to action and get the sympathy of your spectators.


The hardest part is the preparation. Decide on your theme. It should be brief and straightforward. Look at your audience carefully taking into account age, gender, educational background, and social orientation. This information will help you select the right terms and references. Formulate at least four arguments after choosing your topic. Your reasoning should be simple. However, there should be evidence to support your claims. Be sure to use believable sources.


The flow of thoughts should be consistent. Do not skip from one point to the other. Present the main argument along with the supporting data and proceed to the next case. Avoid unfounded conjectures. Use statistics that will confirm your point and tangible examples with correlations. It is a persuasive speech so it has to be full of life. Put together a compelling conclusion by staying away from ambiguous statements and concepts. Remember that writing successful persuasive speeches calls for time and practice.


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