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How to Polish your Speech Writing Skills

17 Jun , 2014  

Now that have been writing speeches for some time, the next step is to refine your style. Learn the secrets if you are ambitious enough to become a great speechwriter. Of course, you have to be a logical thinker so you can present facts systematically and comprehensively. Choose the right words and phrases at all times.


Your introduction must be very inspiring and create an impact right from the very start. Bear in mind that the initial and final 30 seconds of a speech are very crucial. This is what writers have to remember. Stay away from the stereotype introduction of “It is an honor to be speaking before you today.” Start with an appalling question or very significant statistic. Get the attention of the audience at the beginning of the talk.


Use figures of speech appropriately. Figures of speech can enhance your writing and provide character. This is one of the main things that distinguish speeches from factual writing. It surprises the audience and keeps them tuned in for the rest of the speech. You can always utilize jokes but be proper about this. Avoid slapstick remarks that will turn off listeners. Always consider the orientation and educational background of the audience. The speech has to blend with their thoughts.


Develop supporting stories that will reinforce the key messages. Personal tales of success and life-changing lessons are perfect to support an essential point. End with an impact. The conclusion is always the climax of any speech. Sum up the most vital pointers and close with a thought-provoking viewpoint. You can make clarification during an open forum.




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