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How to Generate Good Traffic for Your Lead

11 Sep , 2014  

Creating a good lead is important in writing for web content. A good lead helps the writer generate good traffic for his content, increase his popularity and expand his audience. The reason why most leads do not generate traffic is because they are not interesting and they fail to sustain the interest of the readers. Here are steps to guide you in creating more interesting leads for your web content:

Attract Attention. One reason why most web content gain numerous traffic is because they attract viewers’ attention. An interesting lead is something phenomenal and something that has been happening right now. This is applicable to web contents pertaining to entertainment and news. Another thing that can draw attention is the urgency of your topic. What do most people search about in the web? A straightforward lead that can answer their questions right away is the most frequent type of content that readers opt to read. Remember that you only have a few lines in your lead that can catch the attention of the readers; according to a research study conducted in Iowa State University, web users devote only 5 seconds of their time in deciding whether an article is worth reading or not. A glance in your content is utilized by readers in order to scan keywords that will answer their questions. Identify these important keywords and use them in your lead.

Incorporate search-friendly keywords. Your content lead should include keywords that are most likely popping out in search engines like Google. Appropriate keywords are ranked according to how they are placed in your content. Most standard content requires the keyword to be repeated five times in a 300-word article. It is also important to not just jumble keywords around your content. Make sure they sound coherent and reasonable to the readers as well. Search important keywords about your topic and arranged them accordingly so that search engines will be able pick them up accurately.

Distribute your content. Expand your social link and share your published content to your social media networks. This will increase the likelihood of your content to be searched by your readers and your readership to be expanded. As your content gets more and more popular, your readers would most likely linger on your subsequent content, which will increase chances of them being viewed.

Create information–rich articles. Brief yet informative articles generate great traffic because of their simplicity and straightforwardness. Websites like Wiki-How generate good traffic by being a source of information-rich content that shoot straight towards the needs of the readers.

Include links in your content. If you are discussing a broad topic, don’t forget to include links for subtopics. Broad topics need to be broken down into smaller units to facilitate understanding and avoid confusion. Including links in your content will also aid readers to engage in your content longer because you have presented them with sufficient amount of organized resources to address their needs.

Communicate with your visitors. Many visitors leave their comments after reading your content. Whether their comments are positive or negative, engage in a friendly conversation with them. A friendly atmosphere will facilitate an environment of trust between you and your readers. You can also utilize their comments as testimonials (with their consent) to attract future viewers. Once you have engaged in a direct conversation with your readers, pry to identify more of their needs. Observe hidden meanings in their conversations. They may imply intent and underlying needs that should be fulfilled. You can utilize them by writing about them in your future articles.



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