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How to Create a Good Presentation Slide

31 Jul , 2014  

Sometimes, creating a presentation is so overwhelming that you end up putting in too much information and making it longer than it should be. Good thing— everyone can make a better presentation as long as they take note of the following:

  • Don’t rely too heavily on clichés, clip-arts and random design choices. Clichés are too over used. There is no necessity to included them in your presentation; likewise for clip-arts that won’t even make sense. If clip-arts are necessary, say it’s required (not probably), then choose something that fits the content of your slides. Same goes with choosing your design, keep it simple and clean, it’s a good way to start. Brainstorm on the message you are to share before selecting and applying your deciding.
  • Limit yourself to one idea per slide. Ideas, sometimes, just become so numerous that we tend to put everything in one slide which actually, is not necessary. Better list down the ideas and then choose one that certainly gets to the point of your message; it makes your presentation more understandable and engaging as well.
  • Emphasize your main ideas. It’s a very special rule, let your slides communicate your ideas and enhance your talk rather than mentioning trivial topics that won’t matter. Information needs emphasis, best if in every slide, there’s enough information that’s properly emphasized. If it needs longer explanation, split it up into more slides that can be understood by the audience.
  • Relate to your audience. All the hard-work for the presentation will surely pay-off if your audience connects to what your message is about. The goal is to build a bridge between your audience and your message. Think about your audience, what’s in it for them?

An experienced speaker’s advice to those that need help in creating presentations is to SLIDE. Simplify, Lose the clichés, Information needs emphasis, Designate elements, and Empathy for the audience.


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