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How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

11 Oct , 2014  


There are many opportunities for freelance writers; especially on the worldwide Web. But what does it take to develop into a good freelance writer?


First and foremost, writing should become a passion. Keep in mind that you may be writing more often once you embark on this career path. The task should come naturally with effortlessness and flexibility.


The content must be 100 percent original or else, you’ll run the risk of being charged with plagiarism. Besides, search engines do not accept duplicate articles. Your grammar and punctuation skills should be very good. At the same time, learn how to write very clearly. Self-employed writers need to build self-discipline. It is not advisable to be simply forcing yourself to go through the process. Writing is something that you should expect to be doing almost every day. Getting a course in English can be beneficial. Another option is to take up distance learning writing courses.


Choose a particular niche. You can choose between fiction, non-fiction and technical categories. Freelance writing can only be a hobby or an income-earning venture. If you want this to become full-time work, it will entail more effort than doing it for enjoyment. It is important to market yourself since this is managing your own enterprise. This may be online work. No personal meetings may be required. However, you still need good communication skills to relate properly with clients and readers.


It does not mean that writers should shun social interaction. You have to continue networking with other fellow writers since this is one technique of gathering leads and getting assignments. You have to get suggestions from counterparts and establish your reliability and credentials.  Find contracts that will point you towards the right course.


Finally, be a competent money manager. It is important to become adept in monitoring and taking good care of the money that you earn.


Start building your portfolio and be on the way to become a very good writer.


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