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How to be an Expert Public Speaker?

8 Jun , 2014  


The mere thought of speaking before a vast audience can be frightening especially if you are not adept in public speaking. However, delivering talks and making power point presentations can be easy given enough time to learn the basics. The next move is to practice consistently. Your goal is to be confident before a big audience, overcome your bashfulness and make sure that people listen to you.


Establish the objective of your speech. Find out what the audience wants and expects from you. Tailor the lecture with said factors in mind. Learn the entire script by heart or word for word. This is the only way that you can put accent and emotion into it. You will find it hard to be convincing if you cannot even recall the things you have to say. Learn body language. Develop an immediate connection with listeners and make them receptive to you.


Be particular with facial expression and use this to express essential points. Smile and project a pleasant aura. Posture is vital. Stand upright with arms free and feet a little away from each other. Do not place your hands on the hips. Refrain from swinging or leaning while you speak. Do not cross your arms and legs or stand with the hands at your back because this produces a psychological obstruction between you and the audience. Use gestures to highlight a statement.


Rehearse transitions from one point to another. You must learn how to switch smoothly without sounding awkward or pausing for a long time. Speak in plain language just like an ordinary conversation. Do not talk using abstract terminologies. Maintain eye contact with your audience and not only one or two people. It is not advisable to glance at your notes often since this is a sign that you are not fully prepared. You are speaking to impart valuable information to other people so do not convey a state of panic.




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