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How to Advertise Your Business on a Tight Budget

15 Oct , 2014  


Many small time business owners think that advertising requires a whole lot of investment for it to be effective. This idea is false. There are many ways to advertise your business without spending a significant amount of money. These ways are simple but effective. Keep these methods in mind because it might just help your business to win customers.

Flyers and Posters You don’t needs thousands of dollars in order for your business to be seen by potential customers. Everyone has a printer and a computer at home and if you have a small business, I assume you have these tools too. Make the most of it. Print your own flyers and posters. They don’t need to be done by a professional layout artist. Just create a colored background and the important information about your business including contact details and voila! You have your first advertising medium. Distribute your flyers and posters, but make sure you post them in appropriate places in order for them to be seen.

Cable Advertising Wait before you cross your eyebrows the kind of cable advertising I am talking about does not require thousands of dollars. This is the advertising you see at the bottom of your TV screen. This is called crawl advertising and this usually cost about $10 a day. Not bad for a medium-sized business.

Social Media Advertising If you don’t have the budget for creating your own business website, you can use your social media to advertise your products and services. This is a very effective advertising strategy. In fact, 90% of online shops benefit from social media sites especially Facebook. A business website may cost you a few hundred dollars for Web hosting and domains, but using social media is free and you can share it to as many social media friends as possible.

Post Commercial on YouTube Almost 90% of online sellers have their own YouTube channel. YouTube is usually overlooked as an effective advertising medium, but it actually works. This medium provides an opportunity for you to advertise your products and services without paying for an air time fee plus you get to solicit feedback from customers.



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