Happy New Year!

3 Jan , 2013  

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my Associates, Clients, Colleagues, and Friends a great and Happy New Year!  I’m looking forward to all that 2013 has in store for both myself and Quality Communication Solutions.

The dawning of the new year illumiates the brightness of the future and the promises it holds and reflection on the accomplishments of the past.  2012 was a very good year for QCS.  We maintained a very tight knit and strong core group of clients.  It was nice to see a few past clients return and adding new clients consistently is always a very good omen for the future.

Numbers can grow boring rather quickly, but I think we should pause to reflect on just a couple.  Our production in 2012 was at 11,421 articles produced.  That is a very strong number and it translates into a 300% increase in sales over the year 2011.  I’m proud to say that QCS has grown at a minimum of 300% per year since the founding in 2009.  A strong goal to reach for in 2013 will be to increase sales by 400%.

Prospecting for new clients will be a major emphasis this year.  I am also expecting to receive some referrals from present and past clients to help in our efforts to grow.  Along with the growth in demand for our services, I will continue to recruit only the best writers to add to our staff. 

Great things await QCS moving forward.  I thank all my writers for your very hard work and continue to expect your best efforts in 2013.  Let us all commit to giving EVERY client the BEST material for their bucks to make the proud to use our services over and over again.

Happy Writing!


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