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Guidelines for Writing SEO Friendly Content

1 Jul , 2014  

As before, writing for search engine optimization is not getting easier. Search engines insist on quality changing the style of article writing. It is not enough to focus on keywords and place these in different paragraphs of your content. Nowadays, only resourceful writers can respond to the rigid requirements of search engines.

The SEO article should have an average length like any other ordinary article. It should be about 500 up to 750 words. It may not even be noticed by search engines if the content is too brief. Or, readers may get bored if the write-up is quite long. The writer should maintain a balance where length is the main concern. There should be correct use of keywords. Otherwise, the search engine cannot locate and list your site.

Focus on primary keywords and the density of keyword phrases too. Avoid excessive use of keywords because there is the tendency for search engines to brand your article as spam. However, your article may not even be registered if keywords are not used sufficiently. Keywords must be spaced out accordingly in the article. There should be a smooth flow in your content with appropriate introduction, body and conclusion.

Place sub-headings if suitable and try to use bullet points. Most consumers are impatient readers. The article will only interest them if you stress the primary points. It is necessary to create an impact but do not feed your readers with a glut of information. Avoid the use of complicated words. Simply make sure that the information is relevant, rational and grammatically correct. Create a catchy title and make it very readable through the end.


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