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Guide to Speech Writing

20 Jun , 2014  

There are two things that are important to achieve when making a speech. One is to make a lasting impact on your audience, and second is to give your listeners some food for thought that they can always remember by and hopefully be made useful in their daily lives.

Creating a speech that is effective is not easy and there are some approaches that you must take note of in order to make something that will be significant to your listeners and at the same time, something that will be important for them.

Here then are some tips to make a memorable speech:


  • Make a notable speech by using metaphors, anecdotes, axioms and analogies to make it interesting to your listeners. You may also opt to use a short aphorism and use it appropriately.
  • Be sure that your message will reach your audience so you should get them involved in every step of the way by letting them know where your speech is heading.
  • Have a great opening line to capture the attention of your listeners by giving an anecdote with humor or you may also try to begin by raising your question to get your audience involved.
  • Make your audience leave with a good feeling. Make them feel hopeful and with a sense of purpose.
  • Connect with your listeners. Share personal stories and be yourself.
  • Go back to some important points to stress out some previously made remarks.
  • Never forget to capture your audience’s interest by providing transitions like a pause or a catchy phrase.
  • It is helpful if you include visuals to make your speech memorable.
  • Have a strong ending because this is what your audience will remember the most
  • Make your speech brief to maintain interest.


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