Guide to Effective Leadership Speeches

23 Oct , 2014  

Structure is said to be the main key to the delivery of a very good leadership speech. It is essential to connect with your listeners right away. You should convey three things:


  • Where you came from
  • Where you are right now
  • Where you are headed


Relate to the audience and prime them up to listen with open minds. Introduce yourself as the speaker with authority. Acknowledge everyone and the possible resistance to your vision or opinions. Nonetheless, the conclusion of your talk is probably more crucial than the introduction.


This is the moment wherein you are closest to people listening to your speech. It is also the perfect opportunity to reinforce your position and neutralize any opposition. You will surely gain the respect of many people if you have the capability to enthral audiences. The structure of your speech should be adaptable. The messages should be very clear and worth listening to. It is up to the speaker to personalize all key messages.


Try to watch actual deliveries of talks by renowned public speakers or even video footages. See these experts in action and learn their styles and gestures. You should assume a good posture while standing up, standing behind the podium or walking across the stage. Speak coherently notwithstanding your innate speaking manner. Passion, confidence and dedication are necessary for a respectable delivery. Practice well prior to the actual speaking engagement. It is advisable to do this before a full-length mirror. Try to invite some of your friends or family members to act as audience. Be relevant to the spectators at all times. It is the secret to successful delivery.


There will always be enough room for improvement. Therefore, do not be frustrated if you commit a few mistakes after the first time. It will certainly be better the second time around.



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