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Guide to Article Writing

27 Jun , 2014  

The goal of every writer in writing an article is that it should be informative, interesting or simply one that is able to successfully convey its message to the reader. How then do you accomplish this? The most ideal way to begin is to know what the article would be about and what is your purpose for writing it.

An article is meant to be published in a magazine, journal or newspaper and is written for a big audience. This is why it is necessary that the content be well written as you are trying to reach out to a wider spectrum of readers. You will know if it is a compelling article when you get the readers’ attention while making sure that it is informative and interesting as well.

Often times, a good article begins with having a catchy title. Think of one that will raise the interest of your readers and at the same time, make sure that it is suggesting the topic of your article. This way, the audience will have an idea and will know what to expect to read.

A catchy title must be followed by an equally interesting introduction to keep your readers engaged and encourage them to keep reading towards the main content which will contain the main ideas as well as your thoughts or opinions. After discussing your content and making a point, tie up all the important ideas in your conclusion.

When you are writing an article it is best that you think where your article will be printed and who your target audiences are. It is also most important to know the purpose of your writing. Is it to suggest, to inform, to advise, to describe or to compare and contrast?

Article writing can be formal or informal depending on the topic and where it will be published.



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