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Great Speeches

6 Oct , 2014  

Speeches are very enjoyable to listen to especially if they are delivered by influential individuals in our society. However, many of these people actually have a group of speech writers to work hand-in-hand with in order to come up with the best possible speech. Of course, there are few famous figures, (Ferdinand Marcos Sr., for example) who could write their own speeches and deliver them without reading the speech from a copy. The question is: Can you write good speeches? Are they good enough to wow an entire crowd? If you want to be a good speech writer, and possibly make money out of that skill in the near future, then you should take experts’ advice in writing a good speech.

To begin with, speeches are intentionally made to incite emotion to catch the audience’s attention and interest. However, a great speech doesn’t have to always be logical like you’re writing down an instructional manual. It will make the audience yawn and possibly throw tomatoes at you.

Another good requirement of a great speech is to see to it that the speech’s tone switches every once in a while. Doing this will have a gripping effect on the audience. Also, make sure that the speech has one clear voice. Stick to what the speech is about. Never go against a thought that you claim to agree with in your speech. Stick to one idea alone so that the speech will have a clear direction. That way, you will avoid causing confusion among the audience. It will make the speech simpler and more informative.

Last but never the least, all the greatest speeches we’ve heard in the past always addressed a great need whether it’s the need for new leadership or a salary increase. A good speech writer must also think about how to reconcile the needs and ideas you wish to convey, with the goal of your speech. This way, you get to be the voice of those people who share the same ideas as your own because you are talking in behalf of them.


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