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Goals are Moving Targets – You Have to Go Get Them

24 Apr , 2015  


Whether you call them goals or objectives, to obtain and achieve a goal you must constantly move yourself or your organization toward them.  This does not always mean that you forge ahead and success will be automatic.  Rather, you may have to dodge sideways here or there.  Sometimes you may have to take a few steps backwards before you can go forward.  I never call this retreating because I learned in the Unites States Marine Corps that sometimes you have to “ADVANCE TO THE REAR.”  Think about it…. retreat and backwards or negative ways of looking at what direction you are going in.  Advancing in ANY DIRECTION signifies that you are still moving toward your goal or objective in the most positive manner possible.

Goals are also not the end all of end all elements.  Achievement of a goal does not equal finished.  Instead, once a goal has been achieved it becomes a stepping stone to the next goal set.  Many times it takes a massive set of goals to accomplish one success.  Flow is very important.  Movement is critical.  The idea is to never become blocked or stagnant or in an unmoveable position.  Constantly advance to achieve your goals and success.


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