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Ghostwriting – Check Your Ego at the Door

28 Feb , 2011  

When I first began ghostwriting someone very close to me posed an interesting question.  “Why would you write something that you don’t get credit for and cannot put your own name on?  My answer was simply that there is a need for the service, people pay you well, and I still get the satisfaction of knowing what I have written is good enough to publish.

Most people would be astounded by how much material is ghostwritten.  Famous people use ghostwriters all the time.  Business people who lack the time often employ good ghostwriters.  Modern media is hungry for new material and will gobble up articles and stories that they do not have to pay premium price for the get a “name” author.  Non-profit organizations need solid writing that they just cannot afford to pay a staff writer for on an consistent employment basis.

If you have a big ego and live and die by seeing your name in print, then ghostwriting will not be for you.  If you are chasing fame and publicity, ghostwriting would be the wrong line of work for you.  It will probably be best if you continue to struggle to be recognized as an expert or authority on whatever you are writing.

Ghostwriting has never been hard for me.  I suppose it comes from so many years in management working for others.  How many of my ideas, concepts, reports, presentations, and writings have been claimed as the work of superiors???  Far too many to count or keep track of is the answer.  I say that proudly and without any contempt or remorse.  It is the way business gets done and I have personal pride in furthering the cause and bottom line of all the organizations and businesses I have helped.

If you want to be personally “famous” then continue to write that great breakout novel that everyone will rush out to buy and read.  If you can live on personal satisfaction for a job well done, and solid and lucrative compensation, ghostwriting could be for you.  Just don’t ever expect to see your name up in the big lights any time soon.


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