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Getting Past A Writer’s Block

25 Feb , 2013  

A writer’s block is every writer’s worst nightmare. The endless staring at your computer screen and typing words that don’t make sense can really dampen one’s moods. The worst thing about a writer’s block is the fact that it doesn’t just happen for a few minutes and you are good to go, it could take hours, days and even months.


What most of us writers do not realize is that this condition is usually manifested after a series of chain events and these could range from overworking to personal issues. Unless you deal with the root cause, it could be a devastating period for you.

In my case, I have had periods when I really had trouble finding the words to fit into an article and mostly this was due to boredom or personal feelings that led to my being unmotivated. While not all writer’s blocks have flimsy excuses such as mine, others are quite serious. I’d like to believe that people who face this condition for months have a deep rooted cause that initiated the block. However, it is not a permanent condition and one that can be dealt with.


Three Ways to Deal with a Writer’s Block


1. Take time off: One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to take some time off to unwind. This could be anything from a few hours of rest to a vacation. You will find that this actually takes your mind off things and could clear your mind of whatever is worrying you. As mentioned earlier, the cause could be plain boredom and even fatigue from your routine could shut down your mind. It therefore helps to take a break.


2. Deal with the cause: If you are finding it hard to recover from your mind block, you might want to deal with the root cause. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone such as a friend or even seek professional help. Resolving the personal issues going on in your life could bring out an even better writer.


3. Write something different: One of the obvious ways to solve a writer’s block is to force yourself to write. It might help to write about something different as opposed to carrying on with the book you are working on. Writing can be therapeutic even when what you are working on does not carry much weight. One of the best ways to get topics to write about is by looking around. You could even write about topics of interest to you that you have never ventured into as this could trigger an interesting story or article. Venturing into different writing waters could also bring about a fresh angle to your content and the writer’s block could disappear just like that!


Though frustrating, there are various ways that you can deal with your writers block. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to calm down as anxiety can make your state of mind worse. This is not a unique condition and at some point all writers go through this phase, how you deal with it is what matters.



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