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Fundamentals of an Effective Content Strategy

12 Jun , 2014  


What is web content? It may be visual, auditory, or in written format. Content consists of blog posts, articles, website copy, social media posts, podcasts, testimonials, info graphics, images, and video. This is written and published with a specific readership. Nearly all successful online entrepreneurs acknowledge the importance of original and high-quality content regularly.


How do you formulate a strategy in web content writing?


You should know the objective of your content. Formulate key messages that will communicate this purpose to readers. Integrate the messages into your content in the most creative manner. Examine your web copy and social media content. Do you use these channels effectively in targeting potential clients? People can get inspiration for content from widely held blogs and publications. Technical articles are acceptable but these should be disseminated to popular blogs and online publications. The major objective of a campaign in content marketing is to use external publishers with an appropriate audience.


Content should be a primary source of information. Remember that readership will be affected adversely if the information you provide is not new or does not appeal to readers. It should be compelling as well. Once an article is amusing, it forms an emotional attachment with people who read your post. A good web content strategy can also be shared without difficulty. In like manner, it must look at all means of distribution. Finally, the content needs to be coherent in terms of voice and tone. This is called consistency so you do not annoy your audience on any level.




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