Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use foreign or Non-Native English speaking Writers?

QCS serves local, regional, National, and International clients. Native English speaking writers are used at all times with ANY client that demands sole use of their talents. It is a great benefit to have international writers on the staff of QCS to help provide for the needs of international clients that seek writers closer to their location in the world.

Are you a full service provider?

You will definitely find the full range of services that you need to meet any of your communication needs. Depending upon your needs, we can go from initial research through either creation, or proofreading – editing – rewriting to word processing. I will either create everything for you, or work with what you provide to meet your needs.

How do you determine your fees?

All projects are quoted with one fee. I will usually compare hourly rates with a package price and go with the lower of the two calculations. I, also, factor in you, the consumer, to come to terms within fair negotiations. I realize my price has to work for you for us to do business.

I am very proficient in Power Point so why would I outsource this task?

One word provides the answer – TIME! Outsourcing this task provides you with more time to focus on core business issues and tasks. You need to ask yourself, “Do I really have the time necessary to develop great slides with multi-media that highlights the information I have to convey?” It is largely a question of do you want something barely basic and minimal, or highly developed and memorable?

Why would I hire someone to write a speech that I am perfectly capable of writing?

Both time and ability play a large role in deciding to have a speech written for you. If you have 15 irons in the fire, upcoming presentations usually get placed on the back burner until the last minute. A thrown together speech is usually easily recognizable. Another good reason to use a professional speech writer is to raise the consistency of your speeches and presentations. Some people are good at humor and poor with facts. Other people present great facts, but in such a boring and dry manner that they are usually overlooked. Finally, it is much easier to insert a few personal comments into a finely crafted speech rather than to write the speech from scratch.