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Freelanced Content Development – Is It for Your Company?

11 Jan , 2013  

Freelanced Content Development – Is It for Your Company?

There are companies that just cannot believe that a ghostwriter who has no connection to their industry could possibly write content that would be sufficiently worthy of their website. Yet, unless you have at least one dedicated writer in your company, the only way to get enough material on your site is to hire a freelance agency with “content development” experience.

You may be surprised to discover, that professionals research and develop articles about almost anything with a 48-hour turn around time. Projects, such as White Papers or eBooks, require more time to complete only because of the length.

Purpose of Content Development

There is never enough content on a business website. The largest corporations have hundreds of pages dedicated to discussions, tips, articles about employees, articles about the industry in general, graphs plus free downloadable eBooks and White Papers. These companies are your direct competition. There are several reasons for loading your site with content.

• Credibility – The foremost purpose for having a great deal of material is to establish your expertise your field.

• Informs Your Reader – Rather than refer to those who land on your site as a [potential] client, you need to realize that they are readers first.

• Search Engine Placement – Those sites stuffed with articles are the ones that are on the first two pages of a search return.

• Results in Profits – Regardless of the business, appropriate “content development” will turn readers into customers at some point.

Appropriate Content Development

Nonsensical material that does not relate directly to your business or industry is a waste of space or worse. There is a major difference between relevant and irrelevant content. It is more than just what is splashed on a page – it’s the value of that sequence of words that matters. This is why it’s called “content development” instead of article writing.


Have you ever gone to a site where there was a promise of some article of interest only to discover that it was fluff instead of information? How long did you stay? Readers dismiss those sites and rarely return. Did the poorly communicated material give you a sense that the business owners were experts in their field?

Search engines differentiate between the two and if there are several irrelevant posts, the automated system downgrades your site ranking – where you land on the search return. This means fewer people will find you in a search.

Why Professional “Content Development” Is an Investment

Not only must the content be relevant, you must provide a variety of material. Some readers are searching for tips about your field while others are interested in learning about a particular product. Some want to know the statistics of the industry while others are curious about the importance of a method used. Your site needs to be able to offer all of these readers a piece of information. Only through an agency that specializes in “content development” will you be able to provide continuously fresh information and keep future customers returning.

A professional agency such as Quality Communication Solutions is able to assist you in weighing the variety of material and suggesting alternative article styles. With a team of experienced freelancers, there is always someone who is knowledgeable about your industry and able to develop the content you need.




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