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Focus On The Topic – Delivering Speeches And Presentations Successfully

4 Jul , 2014  

Anyone is capable of delivering great speeches and presentations. In order to do this, you have to deliver a message that is relevant and compelling coupled with a small number of great stories to demonstrate it. There is no need for fancy presentations in PowerPoint format and lots of data; you just need to be simple and clear all throughout. According to the president of Ovid Inc. and Columbia University professor Jane Praeger, “People struggle so mightily writing speeches when all they have to do is find a message and three great stories to prove it”. There you have it – a simple yet effective way of delivering speeches and presentations! Of course, it is not that easy to keep it that way. Here are some ways that you can improve how you deliver speeches and presentations.

“Practice makes perfect”

Before you deliver your speech, you have to practice it beforehand. According to Praeger, “You would do better practicing in the shower and running through the speech in your head, than practicing in front of a mirror, which is distracting.” As you practice, get rid of the filler words like “um”, “like”, “so”, etc.

Working the room

You can consider speaking to the members of the audience before your presentation or speech in order for you to focus on a number of faces who have been a recent acquaintance or a good friend, particularly if the nervousness kicks in. 

Deep breathing or do other relaxation methods.


Stand straight up and always maintain good posture.

Start with the anecdote

As you began your speech, forget the thank you and go straight to your message. If you are knowledgeable about the content of your speech, which is always a good idea, then you will have an easy time coming up with a suitable opening. Get right into the content of your speech and allow the audience to know what it is all about.

Keep it short and simple.

Finally, according again to Praeger, a successful speech should last only five to seven minutes or not longer than 10 minutes.


Of all of the tips, the best is simply to enjoy the experience because if you are happy and relaxed while speaking on stage, your audience will feel the same way.




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