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Experimenting With Your Content

25 Aug , 2014  

Web content is one of the most important things for social media marketing but then, writers often forget the part of creativity. Word-filled content can easily bore readers – worse, it get’s ignored. How about experimenting with your content? Below are some useful tips to improve your web content.

Comics/Cartoons: Let’s admit it, some still fall for this comic reading trick because it’s just fun. Have a cartoonist work with you, create a strip that can connect with your message, then you’re off to the races.

Content Visualization: It’s more like creating charts, graphs, but in a different way. You make these connect-the-dots series to make the people better understand what you have to say.

Animation: GIF’s are one of the long-running used styles of marketing. Why? Because it’s appealing, it’s fun, it’s interesting – insert positive words here. So why not try to apply this? It may help.

Controversial content: Controversy is an attention-captivator. Guess it’s understandable why, when there’s this controversial content you’re keeping, let it out!

Livestreaming/music videos: You know how it goes. Still, be careful to not sound too much like an infomercial, simply share thoughts connected to your message, answering the 5 W’s, info-related music and sharing stories. This causes traffic and comments to your site, and you might just like it, so will your audience.

Embedded tweets: This is way too easy. Embed then post, done! Of course, embed the interesting ones, don’t do it randomly.

Events: Sharing event information can draw attention. Show relevant blogs or content that can make the people out there participate in your event.

Memes: Okay, most memes are really funny. There’s even a site for memes that’s surfed by online users in hours. Why not make your own? Creating memes is as easy as one, two – three!

Think outside of the box, ideas never come in short supply with a little creativity.


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