Event Planning


Are you tired of your speakers being drowned out by snoring?

This is our favorite thing to do. We really enjoy working with companies or individuals that are eager to take this step forward. It improves communication and there is no better way to get to know your audience than an informative interactive presentation.

QCS will help you with all the important details and teach you how to seize this opportunity to contact as many people as possible. We want to take the guidelines you provide and develop a clear blueprint, so you walk into that event fully equipped with all the tools and information you will need to be dynamic.

Endorsing your event is crucial to succeed, we will use all the social media sites using titles that stimulate or provoke curiosity. We use hashtags and links that send visitors to a page for registration and include a share button so they can invite their friends.

Tweets sent at critical points are another strategy we use to increase attendance and follow up after the event is over.
Using SEO guidelines, we create tags, headers, bullet lists and long tail keywords to promote your event. We want to make sure you rank high on the search list and that every link goes to the event registration page, blogs, tweets, emails, newsletters, and more.

If you have guest speakers and want us to highlight the topic or make a list for them, just send us the information. If you need a guest speaker but don’t have time to search for one just call us. Many people think about this for months or years, but never act on it and lose this valuable tool.

Accepting help from a professional is the smartest thing you can do. No one wants to take a chance of bestowing a dull or boring seminar, or event. Key speakers need to be trained and experienced in presentations to keep the audience engaged and eager to learn.

At QCS, we call him our secret weapon – Steve Brown our CEO – he has done thousands of presentations, both creating and presenting them. Using his expertise in power point development, he accentuates your points of interest with humor and vibrant energy.

Steve has over twenty years’ experience, and his education covers a broad spectrum of foci. He earned a Doctorate degree summa cum laude in Health Service Management from La Salle University in 1997. In 1981 – he Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Arkansas with two (2) B.A. degrees (Communication and Political Science) cum laude. He went on to graduate school at the University of Virginia to study Government. He remains an All-But-Thesis (ABT) graduate of Mr. Jefferson’s university.

Steve has been a guest speaker at many events that he helped plan and market – all have been successful using his professional strategic approach, but mostly the success is because he loves it. He enjoys seeing individual businesses thrive and grow; being able to take part in it is a gift.

The team at QCS takes pride in our core values, respect, integrity, competency and excellence. JUST shoot us an email, or give Steve a call so we can get your event going. We welcome all inquiries.

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