Errors in Article Writing

22 Jul , 2014  

Mistakes and errors, these all happen. But it’s better when we are aware of it. The question is what are the common errors that every article writer out there misses?


  • Accidentally repeating phrases, stories or points. This is familiar when you’re to write a long article and you only have a bit of information about it, that you end up repeating things just to make it as long as you should. Even in shorter content, it happens when the article isn’t checked right afterward. You see, your eyes do not easily acknowledge these errors when you read them silently, try reading out loud, because sometimes your ears catch these mistakes by hearing them.
  • Empty adverbs. Instead of saying, “The water is very cold and hard”, try to write it to the point as, “The water is icy.”
  • Deep complex words. The readers are of different varieties, which mean that there are those who can understand the word “Waggish” but there are also those who’d preferably understand its synonym-“amusing”. Simple and understandable for every type of reader there is.
  • Misspellings. These occurs much more than those above. Writing English is harder than speaking English, what we speak may sound grammatically correct but writing it is another story. These frequently misspelled words include:
  • Their/They’re/There
  • “Their”- the adjective that shows possession that belongs to “them”
  • “They’re” – the contraction of “They are”; It often refers to a number of people
  • “There” – the opposite of “here”; It means “In that place”
  • It’s/Its
  • “It’s” – Shorter version for “it is/it has”
  • “Its” – used in the same way as “his/her”
  • Unnecessary opinions. Opinions can be helpful, but sometimes they are not. When writing for longer content, and you think your own assessment can add to the quality, make sure that it is necessary and related to the point. It’s better when it’s shorter.




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