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Entrepreneurial Help from Mobile Apps

10 Aug , 2014  

As an entrepreneur, you encounter some of the stress in dealing with a bunch of things and it’s quite – hard. But then, technology swoops in and makes it easier to access certain things you need every day with just your phone as an entrepreneur. What are these mobile apps anyway?

VENMO: This app offers a fast way of transferring and receiving money. It speeds up the IOU process for free. All the information you need to have is a name, a number or an email address.

GOOGLE DRIVE: This app is famous for it saves your files in a cloud which means you can access these files with the use of your information from another phone, laptop or computer.

GOOGLE MAPS: This is your phone-based navigator. It helps when you are in a new place and you want to know how to get to another place and how long it will take—Google maps does the magic.

SIGNEASY: When you have to attend a very important event and you are to sign those documents ASAP, this app is a good choice. Take out your phone, sign the document, and then send it back to where it has to be.

HIPMUNK: Some entrepreneurs are required to travel to one place from another and it’s quite hectic, especially the planning and searching. Yet, this app gives you the information you need about airlines and hotels along with a visual map.

MOBILEDAY: This app makes it easier for you to dial a conference line or any necessary codes. It looks through your calendar and reminds you of a call with just one click. Enough with the hectic searching of email and keeping track of those dial-in codes.

GOOGLE WALLET: I guess you already know how this works; it gives you easy access to your credit cards.

Any other app you recommend?


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