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30 Aug , 2014  

One of the effective social media marketing strategies available is the use of emails. Now, do you really have to manually inspect and send these emails one by one? I don’t think so; it’s way too – old school. Here listed below are some of the email marketing tools you can use to make your job easier.

Scope: This is a free tool created by Litmus email marketers. In just a click, your emails can be simply inspected.

Premailer: This is another free tool that can signal you the HTML and CSS warnings to watch out for, it’s main use is to make converting an HTML file to an inline CSS simpler than before.

Email Spam Test: Your emails may or may not pass the spam filters, but this tool will run your email through a spam test with the input of necessary codes asked. After the test, a full report will be produced afterward with the spam score.

Beaker: It lets you send emails to your possible clients from an HTML email to a plain-text email.

Litmus: Every email client like Yahoo and the Gmail gives your customers a different view of their email. So, to know how those emails look to them, Litmus’ job is to show how those emails are viewed in 34 different inboxes by simply entering an HTML code and your email address, no more sign ups required.

Pictaculous: A free software that helps you compare color palettes until it matches your choice for color schemes. It’s basically a conversation of color designs with multiple suggestions for you to choose from.

Chimp Feedr: You can enter a bunch – as the site says – of RSS feeds for them to mash it up into one master RSS feed. You get the idea right?

All of the above can easily be learned, take some time and you will find each to be quite useful.



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