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Effective Public Speaking and Business Presentations

11 Jun , 2014  


All eyes are always on the speaker. The audience will always have high hopes whether it is a speech before graduating students of a prominent university or presenting to company stockholders. People will watch closely your appearance, each word you speak, voice quality, and speech content. It will certainly be a daunting task.


If you are delivering a speech, the tone is rather informal while business presentations should be prim and proper. The information needs to be very detailed. Regardless of your audience, it is important not to get lost during your talk. Concentrate so you can convey the necessary information and leave a positive impression on your audiance. Avoid oral twitches! These are unnecessary resonances like “ah” and “um.”


Be particular with the time limit given to you. You can have a lot of information so be prepared to condense the material. However, the speech should not lose its normal flow. It is possible to use puns but these should sound natural and relate to your topic. Develop your distinct style and articulate utilizing personal terms like “you” and “we.” This should ascertain the correlation between you, your audience and the subject. Look at the eyes of the people before you with intent. This should make them feel that you are sincere and talking to them personally.


Put your fears behind you. You can only become a great public speaker by talking fluently and naturally without exhibiting any signs of nervousness. Extensive preparations will help you overcome all jitters. This is one of the reasons why rehearsals are very important until you master your talk.




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