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Different Ways of Structuring Your Speech

23 Sep , 2014  

A well-structured speech is important to balance the message that you deliver to the audience. There are many ways to structure your speech and this depends on your individual preference, way of expressing yourself, and presentation preference.


Melodrama Structure This pertains to a story that the speaker bases on his or her personal experiences. This is adapted to movies in which the audience is presented with a set of characters and their individual circumstances. Include plot twists to keep your audience entertained. This type of speech structure brings the audience through a lively journey while introducing valuable information to them.


Tower Structure This is a type of speech structure in which different sets of information are added and piled up until the whole message is built. An important tip in making this type of structure is making sure that information is coherent and will make sense to the listener.


Mystery Structure This is an interesting way of structuring your speech. You can start by asking a question to the audience or you can start by presenting a specific problem to them. This will spark their curiosity and make them think about the answers more. Keep them excited to sustain their attention.


Ping Pong Structure This is another fun way of structuring your speech. This can be done by presenting two arguments and presenting each of their sides. This will stimulate the inquisitiveness of the audience into coming up with the winner.


Remember that when employing these structures makes sure that you organize your thoughts without forgetting to deliver the key message that the audience should understand. Also, it is important to make the structure as simple as possible to avoid audience confusion. A well structured speech should be well-remembered by the audience with the key message well-understood.


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