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Delivering Speeches: How to Sound Convincing and Substantial

14 Jul , 2014  

An excellent speech is only good enough once it is delivered in a way that people will listen and nod their heads in agreement to what’s being conveyed. You can use different strategies like using a visual aid, humor, poetry and the works. But that is not the real key to delivering memorable speeches.

Fear of speaking in front of many people is a common thing. According to a renowned expert, Gavin de Becker, this fear of public speaking springs from the fear of losing one’s identity. Embarrassment means losing one’s identity and that is more probable when speaking in front of a lot of people. In almost all cases, confidence is the key. And some of the things you can do to prepare for it are the following.

Pick a subject you are interested in.

Write a speech about something that you are passionate about. Know and research more about the topic you have chosen and phrase it in a conversational way that people won’t forget.

Practice and Visualize How You Deliver Your Speech.

Cliché says practice makes perfect. Research your entire speech out loud as if you’re already in front of your audience. Control your breathing and filler words. Picture yourself in front of your crowd and picture them clapping. This will give you the boost of confidence you need.

Understand Your Audience.

Make sure to focus on the audience. Imagine them like your friends so that you can speak better and more comfortably to them.

Calm Yourself Before Delivering the Speech.

Make sure to calm yourself before you start your speech. Start by addressing your audience to buy you time to relax. Remember to pause in the right place and smile to the audience.

Concentrate on the Message.

Always focus on the message you want to convey. After all the preparations you’ve done, be confident about all of this. When delivering the speech, deliver it with conviction in the message and in yourself.


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