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18 Jun , 2014  

How to come up with the so-called “Killer Speech”


Public speaking is no joke. It takes a lot of practice and effort in learning how to deliver a compelling talk. Furthermore, you need experience before eventually turning into a fiery and articulate orator.


Your message should be simple but full of substance. Breathe firmly and keep your entire body relaxed. It is important to rise above the wave of adrenalin which surges through your body before going up on stage. Speakers should feel their throats tighten and voices assume a sharp and authoritative pitch. These can go up in terms of pitch and begin to falter. However, all these are normal reactions. Once you regain your composure and this should take effect in only a few seconds, the ability to speak will follow.


Stand up straight once you get to the podium. Maintain the proper bearing if you wish to walk across the platform. Talk coherently despite your natural speaking flair. You have to be true because it is not possible to be someone else. However, you can be the best if you remain yourself. Gentleness does not degenerate from a speech if you mean what you say. The three factors crucial to actual delivery are steadfastness, passion and sincerity. You can deliver a killer speech even if you are soft-spoken. Any style will do.


Consistent practice makes perfect. If you relax, the audience will feel the same. Memorize the outline but not the whole script. Release the nervousness in you before delivering the oratory. Engage in some form of exercise to releases the emotions and give yourself a pep talk. Expect to have fun and the anxiety will surely disappear.



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