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Creating a Connection with Your Customers

14 Aug , 2014  

Want a great way to increase your sales by actually having a heart-to-heart connection with your customers? Well, this method has proven to be the best way to encourage your customers to champion specific products, not by luring them but by building that trust and engageing them with personal, relatable, experiences. Here’s how to do that.

Ask yourself these 6 key questions:

  • WHAT? – what are they into? What are they looking for? This is important when picking a “Who” actually. You need to know if these people are into your kind of product or service. If your product will help them solve any one, or more, of their problems then they are a potential “Who”.
  • WHEN? – when do they need you? This question is another thing to consider with the “Who” because offering them your service at times when they actually don’t need it, or if they are in desperate need of your product and you aren’t there, that’s quite a conflict. The secret is to keep the conversation going and eventually, you’ll be contacted for your services.
  • WHO? – who are your potential customers that you have to focus on? Knowing who they are will make it easier for you to start a conversation with them and eventually engage in an emotional talk where you’ll understand how they feel and what they need. That kind of conversation is a gateway to building trust.
  • WHERE? – where can you be found? Offering your contact information would really help, they need to know where to look for your product when needed.
  • WHY? – why should they choose you? You must be confident with every “Why?” and answer them with the truths of what makes you unique.
  • HOW? – how will you engage with them? This is only answerable by your own creative choices.



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